Midnight Writer

...the road goes on forever

My name is Herb Parsons, your semi-average 67-year-old guy. I’ve been married to my wife Gini for 29 years, and between us, we have 5 children and 11 grandchildren (currently).

The three dogs (Cooper the Cocker Spaniel/Boston Terrier mix, Bubbie the Chiweenie, and our newest addition – Murdock the Boston Terrier), and one cat (Sidekick or Psycho, depending on my mood), all live at home with us in relative harmony.

I’m a night owl, and do most of my best work in the wee hours of the morning – thus the name of the site Midnight Writer.

I love my Lord, I love my family, I love my friends, I pretty much like my job, and then I enjoy my hobbies. Hopefully, I’ll always keep them all in that order. Feel free to comment on anything you see here. If there’s no comment section on the page (and some there aren’t); just send me an email from the contact page.