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If you’ve been on the site before, you probably noticed that I’ve radically changed the layout.

I’m pretty much a novice at the platform I’m using – WordPress – and I’m using this (and a couple of other sites) as part of self-training on the platform. I handle most of the network-related services for the Patriot Guard Riders, where we use WordPress heavily. That, and the fact that I just really want to get more familiar with the platform, has caused me to get more “hands on” recently.

One of the things I noticed as I learned more about WordPress was the theme I was using was very slow. It had a lot of features that I like, but I was surprised at how slow it was loading. But the big kicker for me was that I tried adding plug-in to integrate with a popular email system (MailChimp), and neither of the two most popular plugins worked correctly with the theme. I’m sure I could have contacted the author and found a fix, but I decided it wasn’t worth the effort for a theme that I’m likely to use only for this site.

I decided it was time for a change. I looked around, and found a theme I liked that loaded very fast, but still had a lot of customization features. So, I made the switch today to GeneratePress.

I’ve tried to keep the layout as close to the original as I could. Some of the styling that I liked is gone, but as I learn the features of GeneratePress some of it may come back. The speed and the opportunity to learn a better theme for WordPress will make up for the small styling issues.

I invite comments and questions, so please – fire away.

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