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Finally, Getting More Comfortable with Elementor

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Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I wrote a new post. Most of what I’ve been doing with WordPress (and Elementor) has been in the background, and it’s kept me busy; but I had really planned on adding new content more regularly to both this site, and Midnight-Writer. I’ve failed miserably on both counts; but I’ll keep trying and probably keep kidding myself that I’m going to do better.

As I said though, I have still been busy on the WordPress/Elementor front. When I write posts for Midnight-Writer, I start with the date (that I started writing), and then pick up and finish when I find the time. I keep the original date as the publish date, because the article really relates to what I was thinking at that time. It may not be the normal way of publishing a blog, but it’s what I feel comfortable with.

I’ve been actively going back and finishing some of those articles I previously started. So, I’ve been busy with that, plus I’m working on converting all of the Patriot Guard Riders website to full Elementor, which is a pretty major project in itself. Both of those projects have kept me plugging away at Elementor, updating to the latest versions, and learning new features as well as getting more comfortable with others; but they’ve left little time to add new content. I really hope to start doing better on that front.

Some of the changes Elementor has made with templates and global settings have made it easier for me to understand, and use, the program. I’m finally getting all three sites to have a consistent theme throughout the site, without having to learn to design standard WordPress themes.

Elementor Color & Font Settings

One of the crazier things that finally came clear to me was the global color settings in Elementor. I kept the “Disable” tick boxes (as seen in the image) unchecked. This seemed to be the setting that made sense to me. After all, what would be the fault of choosing some default colors and fonts, only to disable them? Then I read a tutorial that explicitly said to enable these two settings. I did that, and suddenly the site started using the custom colors (and fonts) that I had chosen. Then it came clear to me. By “default”, the settings mean the colors (and fonts) that are built in, not those that we set.

Once I had that little epiphany, the themes and templates started coming together. I still have some editing to do on all three sites, but now that I fully see the changes I make, I’m making progress much faster than before.

Sorry this wasn’t much of a “technical” article, and much more of a “personal experience” one, but the light turning on for that one little setting (well… actually two…) made a big difference for me.

I hope to have some more information updated in the next few days. I’m especially making great progress on the the changes to the Patriot Guard Riders site, and I hope to be unveiling those changes soon.

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