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WordPress Multisite

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If you’ve somehow found this on a search engine looking for a step-by-step guide to WordPress multisite; sorry, you’re not going to find it here.

This is just me announcing that I’ve finally taken the plunge, and converted my main site to WordPress Multisite. Hopefully, you won’t really see any change in the site. If you do, that means I’ve goofed something up. Feel free to comment and I’ll get it fixed.

One Install, Multiple Sites

For those of you unaware, WordPress multisite is a feature that allows you to do a single WordPress install, and then have multiple sites use the core install, with those sites using their own themes, styling, plugins (from the installed plugins) etc..

The main site I manage, and the most important one, is the website for the Patriot Guard Riders (www.patriotguard.org). The PGR website recently converted to multisite in anticipation of setting up the forums. I run a few different sites for my own use and I decided that moving them to multisite will give me a place to experiment with how to run them.

As I learn about this feature of WordPress, I’ll post updates here.

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